First Casual Outfit

This casual outfit is something that I believe would suit anyone as it is interesting as well as simple. Wearing clothes that are relaxing but flattering is something we should all know shows off our best features and personality if properly executed. You can do this through your hair, make-up and accessories to give a simple outfit more personality. For example, if your lips and eyes were your proudest facial features wearing a dark red lipstick and elegant, but under toned, eye shadow would make them stand out amongst a plain and casual outfit like this. This is something that really adds more unique style to your appearance and your outfit and separates you from others.

Always think about the finishing touches you can make to an outfit in order to make it ‘complete’ because trust me, you can surprise yourself a heck of a lot by tweeking something simple to make it different.

Alexander Wang, Striped Short Sleeved T-shirt – £76,

Topshop Moto ‘Joni’ High Rise Skinny Jeans – £42,

Dr.Martens ‘Core’ Matte Leather Boots – £94,

Kate Spade, Classic Nylon Molly Bag – £150,

Kenneth Jay Jane 22k Gold-Plated 5-Row Cuff – £45,

Nars Yeux Irresistable Eyeshadow Palette – £31,

Rimmel Kate Moss, Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick, 107 – £5.49,

I hope you enjoyed this and if there is anything similar or different you would like to see on my blog then please email me and let me know:

– Mel x


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