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BS - 13

Recently Ive been spending most of my time completing coursework and working which has been stressful to say the least! As well as uni its been seriously getting to me that I’m nearly done with my first year at uni…like what the fuck. Last thing i remember it was freshers week and now its nearly a year later and now i have to reapply for my student loans and i have to make summer plans and find a house and set my hours at work AND FIGURE OUT MY ENTIRE LIFE. But no biggie.

So I thought id just make a little post giving you guys some ideas of things I have planned for the next few months for my blog

  • Whats in my wardrobe/ wardrobe must haves
  • Netflix UK: What to watch
  • My favourite youtubers
  • Makeup must haves (not that i have a lot of make up what so ever)

Anything else you’d like me to post about? email me at

– Melissa

ps. The image is one i took and edited myself for my A2 photography coursework

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