Dress to Impress

Something I’ve been growing more and more aware of recently is how important it is to look good, but not for the reasons you might think. Every day we get given the chance to wear something different, something we haven’t worn before. Dressing to impress, to me, is about impressing yourself.

So as someone who hates wearing the same outfit twice I try as hard as I can to find ways to change up my outfits even if it just means wearing a different grey t-shirt with my leather jacket orin i wear my suede chelsea boots instead of my leather ones.

To me things like this are so so important for when it comes down to finding your style and as cringey as it sounds, your ‘look’.


These are a few looks that I came across on tumblr recently and I’ve made sure I have them favourited in my pictures because they always ‘inspire’ me when I’m planning new outfits or out shopping for new things to complete my ‘looks’.

I think it is so important to make sure you save pictures of outfits or patterns or designs that you like when you find something GOLD, that way you always have something to look at and I have to say it really does help me create my shopping lists when I’m preparing to blow my wage (and student loan) on clothes.

When it comes to clothes I think its so important to find something you love about yourself or your outfit every day, something that makes it YOU. Dressing to impress is all about wearing clothes you feel comfortable in and making sure that you feel the best in yourself. Everyone has those days where you have less than no motivation and feel like shit but thats okay i guess, this just means you can turn yourself around the next day and maybe even change your earrings because I know thats something I ALWAYS forget to change-up but when I do I can feel the difference.

Let me know if theres any different blog posts you want to see and give me your opinion in the comments about this one šŸ™‚

– Melissa

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