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Being at University I can honestly tell you is draining, of emotional, physical and mental energy. Im not going to say I have no time for myself anymore because I do, I’ve just come to realise however that any time I do have to spare, I am most likely in bed watching youtube videos (or eating, or both). But ill be honest, I did that at sixth form too.

Finding time in my day after going to University and also working can sometimes be a bit difficult but because Im one of those people that can’t let something go once they have set their mind to do it then well, you’ve probably guessed that I keep myself up some nights (most nights) just so I can make sure I have watched all of the new uploads from the bloggers I subscribe too and also if I fancy treating myself


I will dabble in a bit of light scrolling/searching to see if I can find anyone WORTHY of a subscribe. If I succeed at doing this (i usually do) I will most likely still be up in time to walk down the road for a McDonalds breakfast.

So, lets begin shall we. I don’t think I could possible construct this post in any particular order as I adore each of these YouTube accounts for different reasons and I will sure as hell tell you why.

Ashley Brooke

I came across Ashley Brooke’s YouTube around two months ago and since then I have nearly watched all of her 196 videos! Which is A BIT weird I’ll admit but I really don’t care about ‘binge’ watching 20 videos in one day, its easier than you think. Ashley posts fashion videos such as ‘What I Wore’ and ‘How-to-style’ which are so helpful and great if you’re lacking some fashion inspiration and could use a few ideas, which i definitely do right now.

One of my favourite things about Ashley’s account is how genuinely lovely and decent she comes across, and I don’t mean that ‘nice’ girl image you get when you meet someone in the bathroom of a club and think they’re your soul sister, I mean genuine niceness. Who doesn’t love a cool, kind soul once in a while ey! She also has her own sunglasses collection and a monthly look-book that you can shop here.

Sunglasses – here

Life by Her: look book – here

My favourite collection of her videos is her blogs. Not only does she inspire me to try and do something worthy with my day (e.g. write blog posts and consider starting my coursework thats due in in 3 days) but she is so naturally gorgeous and in a good way, weird looking, it intrigues me. She always has something cool going on with her day and even though her and he boyfriend Ryan (I think he is so swell, I was so happy about that because you know when you really like someone on Youtube and then they do a boyfriend tag or something and their boyfriend sucks and ruins it? well I hope you get what I mean) are vegan they don’t force it down your throat and rant about being vegan and clean eating etc. She is originally from Texas but now lives in the heart of New York City which pisses me off a little bit because I’m jealous but hey, she’s 29, maybe in 10 years I will be there too.

Sophia & Cinzia

Sophia and Cinzia (its pronounced chin-zee-a) are two girls from Nottingham who don’t really take their youtube and other social medias too seriously. Their posts mainly consist of GRWM’s and Hauls as well as a few blogs from their holidays which they take every few months together. I first started watching them because I fell asleep watching youtube and when I woke up one of their videos had just started playing and I just continued to watch.

I really love the fact that they’re so close and such good friends that they can just have a laugh and talk CONSTANTLY throughout their makeup routines so you get a really weird feeling that you actually know loads of random things about them. They just seem like such normal girls and with them being my age (18 and 19 I think) its just refreshing to see people my age that aren’t at university and are just having a good time doing things they love.

Their clothing style is also another reason I watch them, they nail the blend of casual-in-style fashion that just looks effortless combined with their everyday makeup which is so funny to watch because I have no idea how Sophia’s foundation ends up matching her neck by the end of the video so it must be witchcraft.

Sarah Wore What

Sarah is one of my most recent obsessions when it comes to fashion/style bloggers, I’m not too sure of her age/background in terms of if she’s studied or works full-time etc but I think her channel is just so chilled and stylish its amazing. She also is a regular uploader to her blog which has links to her youtube videos, outfit inspiration, new tends on the high street and life updates. What more could you want.

Other than her quirky but cool style I don’t think theres much else to really say about Sarah, she has a chilled vibe that I think you can probably get from the cover/title card of her videos (very tumblr/aesthetically pleasing) Definitely give her a watch.

Theres so many more people i could have put in this post but i told myself to keep it at 3 or I would be here all day. If this type of post is something that you like or would like to see more of then please let me know. Like, comment or you can send me an email to the one listed on my contacts page. Thanks guys, see you soon.

– Melissa

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