What Happened in Manchester?

In light of recent events and by that I mean the incident that took place at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena last night (22nd May 2017). It has saddened me to realise how we, as people are so eager to know EVERYTHING. Or to at least try to know everything to the point where people actually make things up to get attention and retweets which is such a disrespectful thing to do and most definitely gives millennial a bad name.

Living in Manchester my whole life I chose never to leave it, not even for university because it was somewhere I thought had so much diversity and there was so much more about the city I wanted to know. And now over the last 12 hours since the incident, this diversity has been proved by people from all over the city coming together to help provide support, a safe place to stay and transport for people affected by what happened at the arena.

From women gathering children and taking them to safety at a local hotel to companies offering people food and shelter, our city remained undivided and stayed together. Ordinary people as well as members of our amazing emergency services have been working through the night trying to maintain a safe and controlled atmosphere surrounding the arena and are amazingly working together to help reunite families with their lost children, friends and loved ones.


Since last night myself, and everyone I know has been stuck to their phones refreshing their news-pages, social media and other news outlets searching for some answers, but so far nothing is really clear, nothing other than the amount of lives lost and the tragedies that took place.

I have attached tweets from locals and BBC themselves as they are a public service broadcaster and I appreciated them as a respected news broadcaster.

This is the latest statement released by the greater Manchester police, If you would like any more information or contact details please find them on the Greater Manchester Police website and twitter at http://www.gmp.police.uk

File 23-05-2017

There will be a vigil taking place at 6pm tonight in Manchester city centre to raise awareness of the tragedies that happened and the lives that have been lost. This ceremony will help to provide for the families affected by this disaster and hopefully give them peace in knowing that our entire city is with them, supporting them, worrying for them and is trying to make their loss known so that we can raise awareness for all of the families who have lost loved ones.

Thoughts are with all those affected and I hope our city continues to pull together and combat the negativity of this horrific incident.

Thanks for reading, Melissa.

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