Happy Birthday Mr.West

This isn’t going to be a long weird post where I try to condone Kanye Wests irrational personality or influence you to think differently of him. I just thought I would share a few pictures in this post that I have all had as my iPhone lock screen at some point.

After the release of this very controversial song and video I still thought of Kanye West as a respectable person and a mint dad so heres two pictures from around Christmas time,

  • Cool dad alert right there

THE BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME (in my opinion)

Kanye West – The College Dropout

Here are a few pictures of Kanye and Kim being CUTE!

Im not obsessed with Kim or Kanye by the way, I just had no idea what to post and to me Kanye is a swell guy.

Thanks for reading, Listen to the album if you feel like.



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