Parklife Festival 2017

This year I took the leap and decided to attend Parklife Festival, which is a 2 day festival that takes place in Heaton Park, Manchester. Being local it was easy to attend this year and now I have met some amazing friends at university that don’t mind a dirty beat, it was a must-do.

Now that its all over I can honestly say, MONEY WELL SPENT. After i decided to get a VIP ticket it cost me £125 for my two-day ticket which I don’t think is too shabby. It was pointless for me to get VIP as everyone I went with just had a general admission ticket so I never made use of any of the VIP perks but I’m sure they weren’t something to cry over.

Drinks and food were obviously overpriced and a pint of Strongbow Dark Fruit was £5.50 which I can only describe as daylight robbery. Still, the price didn’t stop me buying 12 of them throughout the weekend.

Throughout the two days the weather held up better than I thought it would if I’m being honest and I really don’t think my time there would have been as great as it was if it wasn’t for my friends and the people that I went with.

We saw everyone we wanted to see in terms of acts and inevitably people that we didn’t want to see such as goons that went to our schools or sixth forms etc. But thats one of the things you can expect from Parklife Festival, there might be thousands of people there but you’re pretty much guaranteed to see atleast 5 people you weren’t expecting to. Its like that thing on Instagram where no matter who’s picture it is, it tells you two names of people you either despise or are in love with.

Seeing Run The Jewels, Frank Ocean, Stormzy, Carl Cox, DJ EZ, Rag’N’Bone Man and various other random house DJ’s, the weekend was pretty hectic.

Oh, and Wiley, most definitely brought a heatwave!

Getting into the festival early on Saturday took only about half an hour, getting in at around 3 on Sunday took us nearly 2 hours. But, thats what should be expected.

Plan ahead, get there in time to see your favourite acts and before the 5 o’clock entrance deadline. Set up a ‘meeting point’ with your friend incase one of you wanders off or gets ditched at the toilets. Buy a set list, even just one between you all, because although its a shocking £7 it made it SO much easier to navigate where you wanted to go to watch the acts you wanted to.

Im looking forward to attending more festivals next year as this year my summer is booked up with moving house, working and a family holiday.

Hoped you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures.


ps. apologies for the lack of content recently, I’m trying to make my blog something I can be really proud of so I wont be posting content I’m not completely happy with. While I wait to buy a camera that i can use to take high quality images for my blog, ill be posting new ideas and little bits that don’t need too much imagery. Hope thats okay, see you very soon.

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