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Since this year I’m moving again, this time into a house with my friends, Ive realised how many more decoration/interior opportunities I have instead of being stuck in my small, YELLOW university room. Although my University accommodation is one of the best I’ve ever seen and is actually 9 times younger than me, for me it lacks opportunity and freedom to add your own personality. This is probably because you can’t paint the walls, hang anything and the furniture is all fixed to the walls.

This month were moving into a newly refurbished WHITE WALLED 3 story house near my campus, and its BEAUTIFUL.

The pictures above are most definitely not of our new living room, however. They are very aesthetically pleasing and the simple, the clean and classic look is something that is so understated but interesting that white walls, open space and plain flooring is EXCITING.

Clean cut and open but interesting spaces like this are definitely something I look at and take inspiration from when it comes to picking colours for my room. It seems so strange for me to say this now but I love the colour orange, 15 year old me would have knocked me out for saying that but recently I really adore vibrant colours like orange, lime green and Neptune blue. Funny enough, me and my flatmates were walking though our campus the other day when we found a rug lying on the floor, so we rolled it up and took it home, it’s got nothing wrong with it what so ever so we’re going to take it to our new house and put it in the lounge.

I so so wish I could get a round wall mirror but with the property being rented I don’t want to risk damaging my walls and losing my deposit so, better not. Hopefully it will be easy enough to just blutac pictures to plain walls and stuff. We also get a bathroom mirror and full body mirror too but again, they are stuck firmly in place and we can’t move them. Hey-ho hopefully they will be in a good enough place for me to be able to take some nice OOTD/OOTN pictures.


I absolutely adore framed wall pictures, little quotes or photographs that you can buy off etsy and arrange in your own little way are such a great idea for adding personality and a bit of colour pop to your walls.

To finish this post, I’m just going to say how excited I am to be posting more frequently and how much I love doing different posts about fashion, lifestyle and some of my university coursework journalism pieces. Hope you’re all well and have enjoyed this post, see you soon : )



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