My DKNY Handbags

Here are a few ways I would style my bags below. When I was buying them, these are the type of outfits I had in mind. I find it so so much more interesting and exciting when you’re buying something pricey if you can think of loads of ways to style it, say with a jacket or shoes that compliment it.

I have the Bryant Park Chain Saffiano Shopper in Bright Red and the Bryant Park Cross Body Bag in black. Both bags have gold chain detailing and I bought them both from House of Fraser.

Leather Jacket Styling


Finally having a stand out handbag has made me so much more adventurous with my outfits. I’m trying to stray away from wearing simply all black clothing and aiming to use pops of colour in my wardrobe. My large Red Bryant Park Bag, helps me to incorporate my leather jackets and dresses them up, making them feel a bit less casual and a bit more chic and planned out. Paired with some high waisted black jeans, a plain white top or grey jumper and either my leather mules from Next or my H&M leather boots, this outfit is something I had planned out in my head to wear before i bought the bag and I can honestly say it turned out better than I thought.

Faux Fur and other Textures

As an avid charity shop go-er, I have accumulated a fair few faux fur coats (check that alliteration) throughout my bargain hunting years. This already gave me so many ideas on how to wear my new bag, I have two beige/grey coats that I knew would look so classy with this bag as it is quite boxy/bulky, so next to the extravagant look and texture of the faux-fur it was bound to look magnificent.

Monochrome and POP

For those chillier months I thought about the wearability of the bag and definitely knew it was timeless, who doesn’t need a big red bag, ey? Wrapped up in a classic grey biker coat/jacket, a big scarf and some stylish slip on shoes to add a touch of A/W style to a simple outfit only accentuates the colours and bulk of the bag.



Although the Gucci handbag can only be a dream of mine at the moment this oversized outfit look is something that has inspired me to try more with my style, to try and layer clothes in different ways and to maybe try harder in my appearance. Especially when it comes to accessorising I think this can be something that I forget to do a lot of the time. Adding a ring on each hand or a pair of sunglasses with your hair tied back really helps an oversized look appear less ‘lazy’ if you will. Theres nothing wrong with looking like you’re wearing your dads jacket but wearing it with heels and a stand out bag, now that really is something I hope I can feel comfortable doing in the not so distant future.

This post has been short I know but finally having wifi in my home means I can focus my wasted energy on being more productive with my time and can do more with my blog, I’m excited to see where I can take this and ill be doing more fashion posts soon.

Thanks for reading!

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