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Since I started my job in September 2015 I have been known to…treat myself…quite generously. After starting university however I got hit with the crushing truth of reality that I would have to use MY OWN WAGE to buy myself food. This kickstarted my charity shopping career. I used to go to charity shops every week with my grandmother back home and I loved it. Since starting university however and moving into Manchester City centre I have found myself shopping on the hughstreet a lot more often. I feel like I’m falling back into my old spending ways and at this rate I will be facing bankruptcy by the age of 25.

To remind myself of the sheer joy I used to get from finding random/disgusting/beautiful pieces in the charity shop I decided to do this post on my favourite charity shop finds. Enjoy.

This red wine coloured Kaleidoscope faux fur coat is something bitches only dream of, and it is mine. When I saw this in my local age UK I nearly cried as it was only £7.99. I usually style this with an all black look, chelsea boots and a matching lip. I can’t wait to wear this in winter and explore Manchesters german markets. (Its only 16 weeks until Christmas!) It is so thick and heavy I can’t believe what it cost me and I’m so impressed with it. I have found loads of faux fur coats over the past year and they’re all wants, to needs but at these prices who cares.

My photography skills are beyond lame despite my A-level in photography but I will soon be investing in a camera when my student loan drops so hopefully my blogs photographic content can be more personal and definitely professional 🙂

These are two other beautiful and classic coats I bought in January this year and I adore them both. The beige one is by Maine and the brown one is Debenhams. I would style these the same way as the red wine coloured one above in an all black ensemble but with these id wear a statement bag since they’re not fluffy and you be able to see the strap. I’d probably pair these with my red DKNY gold chain bag.

This jumper is disgusting, like completely horrible BUT I love it. Its quirky, its something i never would have bought from a high street shop but with it getting colder and atm loving the slouchy oversized jumper and leggings/skinny jeans look, it was perfect.

The CK Jeans top and the denim jacket were discovered around the same time and I love wearing them both together with my topshop joni jeans and my adidas superstars to match the blue denim and to clash the white with the dark jean/legging.

This is what my winter wardrobe looks like right now and I can’t wait to get more key and statement pieces for my wardrobe. Sorry this post has been short but I’m never going to be happy with the picture quality haha.

Hopefully if you enjoy this i will soon be able to make more personal OOTD posts and maybe even clothing hauls with styling 🙂

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my blog or if you have any other ideas on posts!

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