3 of My Favourite Books

Girl Boss – Sophia Amoruso

Girl Boss is one of those books, like Alexa Chung – IT, that everyone all over instagram seemed to be reading or maybe even just buying. Recently having been turned into a Netflix original series it has to be one of the best books/biographies I’ve read so far. Inspiring, natural and completely hilarious. Despite the Netflix character being the most annoying person alive, if that is how Sophia Amoruso sees herself then so be it. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to hear the story behind the multimillion dollar business that is Nasty Gal or anyone interested in business, the fashion industry and maybe even those who just want a good read.

Looking for Alaska – John Green

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Looking for Alaska is one of the greats, like any other John Green book, it was simply magnificent, tremendously well written and still remains untarnished or criticised. Thankfully, no movie has shown any signs of being released on it yet. A thrilling and morally questioning novel that shows the point of view of a young boy moving into a new boarding school and facing an addiction of the deadliest of sorts, a girl, Alaska.

Diary of an Oxygen Thief – Anonymous

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Okay so basically, this book fucked me up. Not to say I agreed with the way the character was thinking, but it was interesting to imagine. Theres nothing else I can say other than, READ IT!

Short and Sweet

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