2018 Fashion Trends

As we enter a new year we are filled with hope, nostalgia and an overwhelming desire to throw out our entire wardrobe and start fresh.

But lets face it, who I actually does that. A new year and new beginnings, so how can we start over again without throwing anything out and still keeping up with the latest fashion trends?

These are some of my fashion trend predictions for 2018, how they are similar to previous years and how to maybe revamp some of your forgotten closet trophies.


Recently, I bought a bright blue faux suede sterling biker jacket from Barshka (well, ASOS) and I couldn’t be more obsessed with it. Adding pops of colour to an all black outfit started for me in Summer 17’ when Zara came out with their colourful selection of leather jackets. Since then, wearing all black has never looked better than when you team it up with something statement, something new.

Colour isn’t for everyone, but there is a bright and vibrant colour that will do you wonders. All you have to do is find it. Here are some of my favourites and how I would style them down below.



I know it wasn’t just me that recently saw those picture of Kanye outside his studio on LA smiling like never before, wearing a North Face puffer jacket. Just when you thought the guy couldn’t get any cooler.


It’s no secret that puffer jackets have been on the up since Autumn 17’ but they’re getting bigger and bigger. Just like bell sleeves, they wont stop growing until they make the catwalk, this is what I’d like to see more of this year. More street style on the catwalks.

Here are a few options for the newest and coolest puffer jackets.



From the catwalk at fashion week to the high street. Dior inspired structure meets timeless elegance and urban styles with any of these sheer tops. Sheer shirts, skirts and dresses are something I think is going to blow up this year, all year round. The simplicity of it makes any outfit stand out against the rest and thats what we all really need.



This one probably sounds stupid because ‘why would small bags be a fashion statement?’ This is simply on the list since i think big bags have been in over the past couple of seasons and i think this year will be the year for small, easier yo style statement bags. AND it will mean we all need to be more serious about the things we carry around with us every day. Do you really need that bag of plasters, Olbas oil and compeed blister patches? Yes, you probably will at some point…but, it wont fit in your small bag so just carry round one of each, the sweet art of compromise.



Until next time, Melissa

ps. you can email me any suggestions on melissakag@gmail.com or contact me through my social media (theres links on my homepage)

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