Skincare Routine – New Products Update

Here we are again, half way though winter

Chapped lips, dry hair and lazier than ever. Well I don’t know about the rest of you but that describes me perfectly.

As much as I adore winter fashion with all my heart and my soul *TLOP vibes* I cant deny the drying affect it has on my skin. I’ll tell you something, my skin has ben awful from the day I turned 20, the curse of old age I guess.

Winter is a cold-hearted bitch, living in the UK just means than over the next few months we’ll experience slightly more rain than we do through the Summer. Amazing right.

Since its new-year new me and everything I took it upon myself to try and find some holy grail skincare products after realising that a lot of girls have holy grail makeup products etc., so why not do the same with skincare.

I’m going to start with an oldie but a goodie, simple skincare light moisturiser.

This little bottle of wonderfulness is perfect for applying after over taken all of your makeup off and want to feel moisturised without having to rub thick lotion all over your face. I only use this for my face btw. I clarified that for no reason I feel because does anyone actually se the same moisturiser for their body AND their face? Let me know in the comments if you do/how you feel about that idea.

Newest on my list is something I have been so eager to try is The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension


I was scrolling through ASOS when I came across this brand of super-inexpensive and if you don’t mind me saying, very aesthetically pleasing, skincare products, from foundations to skin oils and luminisers.

I also purchased this serum at the same time and the combination together has beat the shit out of my dry skin and had me looking like a a smooth as hell bitch ever since.


I have pretty big lips I would say, the bane of that is that when they are dry they are DRY

I would be a chapped mess if I didn’t have a lip scrub and LUSH lip scrubs are my favourite

I got given the mint lip scrub for Christmas last year off my brother and his girlfriend (thank you again guys) an since then I’ve used a few of them, the bubble-gum is another one of my favourites. After I’ve brushed my teeth at night ill put some of this on my other toothbrush, which I have specifically for my lips, and ill scrub away until my mouth is chap-free and feels a little bit numb. Great results every time and you just cant fault the taste/smell

I remember reading in a Bratz beauty book when I was younger that if you brush your lips with your toothbrush they naturally plum, I’ve always done this since then, the scrub is just a new part of my routine. Did any of you have Bratz books? I’m intrigued, leave a comment.

Probably the most middle-aged woman thing on this list, my hand moisturiser.

Again, my brother and his girlfriend got me this, but for Christmas 2017, so this is still fairly new to me. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think id go out of my way to buy a moisturiser specifically for my hands but it was a gift and I’m SO grateful for it. Now that I have it I take it everywhere with me and I can’t imagine not having it in my bag, the worst thing ever is having dry hands. Well, probably not the worst thing ever but its up there.

Recently the brand NuSkin has come into my life and I’ve never been more grateful. From teeth whitening toothpaste to TeGreens’. This company is my go to for quite a few skincare bits. Including their mascara.

I love this mascara, I’m not the most experienced person when it comes to testing out loads of makeup brands and all that stuff but I’ve used quite a few mascaras and this one has been the best. I think it gives a proper natural lash lift and separates all your lashes nicely making them look longer and fuller, which is what we all want right? If I’m going out ill use other mascaras on top but for day to day no makeup, makeup looks I find this perfect

Last but most certainly not least, brown sugar facial scrub.

I got this when we did secret Santa at my house, one of my friends got it for me which was mad because I’ve had this on my shopping list for over a year now and its been one of those things that I just kept going ‘I cant be bothered today ill get it some other time’ and then one day in December, BAM I had it. I use this after a shower while my skin is still damp and then I rinse it off with hot water before cleansing, toning and moisturising my face. It helps get rid of dead skin and smells SO GOOD. I’m also inclined to believe they make this in different scents so hopefully ill get to try more of these out.

Notable mentions

  • NuSkin TeGreens
  • Ap24 teeth whitening toothpaste
  • Fenty beauty gloss
  • NYX setting spray

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