ALBUM REVIEW: The Weekend – Starboy

The 2016 Grammy Award Winning album by The Weekend was a “Reminder” for hardcore fans of the voice they loved from first albums such as The Trilogy. The US Billboard number 1 topped the charts in December and launched The Starboy Tour. Throughout the months that followed the release, songs featured on films such as fifty shades of grey and also released a 12 minute short film called ‘Mania’ which was an apple music exclusive.

Earlier albums such as Trilogy produced a fanbase like no other and The Weeknd rose to fame at heights with Rihanna, Kanye and Daft Punk. The smooth melodic voice that captured thousands was less present in Starboy. The album featured mainly electric pop beats and infused itself with new sounds.

Featuring songs co-written by Lana Del Rey and Daft Punk, the Weeknd hasn’t lost his need to sing sexually explicit lyrics. On ‘Party Monster’ Featuring Del Rey, a very suggestive one-night-stand hint is dropped ‘woke up by a girl, don’t even know her name’. The eternal image of the canadian, emotional, bad boy with a thing for ‘bad girls’ and one night stands is never far away from one’s mind.

Following a string of relationships from supermodel Bella Hadid to Disney’s Selena Gomez, the broken hearted 28 year old mourns his previous lovers in song. Party monster again sheds some light on The Weeknd’s lust for love ‘Angelina, lips like Angelina. Like Selena, ass shaped like Selena’ a clear indication of on going love or the absence of what once was. Maybe we should leave it up to Taylor Swift to write songs about her ex’s and carry on being the high toned, enigmatic solo artist we once knew and loved?

With 18 tracks, it’s obviously the album didn’t write itself in a day, but we have to ask the question. Is it necessary? The length of the album, lasting over an hour, suggests a story like theme. Later told through the short film, the album come together as a vision of love, parties and success. A reflection on the life of The Weeknd who started off on a high with many of his albums reaching top spots in spotify’s most played lists.

‘Sex, drugs and R&B’ are common advances throughout the album ‘Starboy’ was one of the most played songs of 2016 despite being released in late November.

The album may seem long and overused in material throughout the months that follow but with the strong multimedia reputation of The Weeknd and the follow up tour, the album was destined for success from the beginning and achieved nothing less.

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