CONCERT REVIEW: Kendrick Lamar – DAMN Tour

‘YOU’RE IN FOR A GREAT NIGHT WITH KENDRICK LAMAR’, A sharp bang shatters through the arena and electrifying beat drop begins… ‘I got, I got, I got, I got loyalties, got royalties inside my DNA’. Manchester Arenas sold out crowd chanted throughout the night, not a single eye turned away, nor a phone put down for a second. Despite being seated throughout the gig, no one remained seated for more than a minute once Kendrick entered the stage. Like a burst of lightning, fire, sword wielding kung fu masters and Kendrick himself rushed up and down the stage in a frenzy of euphoria.

Support act James Blake set an electric, upbeat tone for the night and after a short intermission Kung Fu Kenny took to the stage. Slowly but surely, getting the crowd ready.

Continuous clips played through the back in a Tarantino like fashion showing Kung Fu fighting from Kendrick himself and various other professionals.

Taking a victory lap of the stage, Lamar stood, taking the moment as roars from the crowd soared higher and higher, louder than his words could be heard. ‘It’s been a blessing being here with y’all tonight’, the tearful artist said before settling down to his final song for all the ‘day one m’fuckers’, new track ‘GOD’ hit the speakers.

Unlike other arena tours, Kenrick praised previous albums and songs such as ‘Money Trees’ and ‘Bitch, Dont Kill My Vibe’ commending them for his success and wasn’t afraid to let crowds sing his lyrics. The ‘HUMBLE’ attitude of Lamar rubbed off on audiences as calm atmospheres surrounded by high intensity beats, rap and bass, allowed for a beautiful juxtaposition or atmosphere and sound.

‘LOYALTY’, ‘ PRIDE’ AND ‘LOVE’, were themes throughout, as well as songs. A concert like no other, The Damn tour was worth every penny and pop up stores for merchandise are opening up globally.

With no comparison coming to mind, The Damn tour couldn’t be more humble.

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