I’ve been waiting to write this post for so long and I can’t wait to see how it goes.

Personally, I love watching people’s flat/house tours on Youtube, getting some interior design inspiration and seeing what they have done with their space. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to show you loads of pictures of my flat, but I will be showing you some of the interior design inspiration we have taken into making this the best living space we can.

We started looking super early, like way too soon and then when we saw this apartment in the city centre which had the perfect move in date. We knew we had to make a move as quickly as possible. It’s mad how fast apartments go once they’re on the market and all of the extra costs of moving hit you. I’ll give you a bit more information on costs later on.


As a way of adding some personality to the flat without going to extravagant levels of drilling and building loads of things. As my partner is a graphic designer he designed us some prints for the walls, we got 3 large ones for the feature wall in the living room and 4 more that are coffee and sketch art based for the free wall in the kitchen. Frames are just slim black ones for IKEA, 100% recommend.


I have been looking for the perfect full body mirror for as long as I can remember and now…finally…here it is. Luckily, my grandparents bought me one last year when I was moving into my previous house with my university friends so all I had to do was find a new place for it. We are going to put this in the bedroom near the window so It helps the space look bigger and I can probably get better lighting for some top notch outfit pictures. We really wanted to find a round wall mirror for the corridor to reflect light from the kitchen/balcony through the flat but they are SO expensive. So we will have to wait and see about that.


Moving into a furnished apartment was always something we wanted to do, it saves money on buying the big things like dining tables and sofas. Not all the apartments we have seen have been the best and I’ll admit I’m a bit picky with certain things, specifically the bathroom and kitchen as they are the parts we couldn’t change. But anyway, went off on one there didn’t I. Using cushions and throws to make ‘not so nice’ furniture really look the part is such a cheap and convenient way to change the look of a room. That way if your colour theme changes, all you need is some new decorations and pillow covers. We bought a black and white throw from IKEA as well as a navy blue, yellow and teal coloured couch cushions.


A necessity if there ever was one, I always keep my newest/best clothes on here and rotate it every now and then to get me wearing more of my stuff instead of sticking with the same two jackets. I love making sure I give all my clothes a chance, especially my newer items since half the time we forget about things we really used to love and wear all the time. Hopefully the wardrobe will be big enough for all our jackets but ill give you an update on that as I find clothes hidden around my room on a weekly basis.


As a massive fan of symmetry we decided that the best thing for us to do was to buy the cheapest crappest furniture from IKEA ever and make it a bit prettier by filling it with our home crap such as books and fake plants, you know what I mean, really basic Tumblr stuff. Luckily again, our apartment has a big storage cupboard and a built in wardrobe with loads of room for the not so attractive stuff like suitcases, vacuum’s and cleaning products. We have a Malm 5 drawer that we bought off a friend, a 4 cube storage shelf from our previous flat and we got another bedside table. We also got some under bed storage for bedding etc, were getting plastic drawers from ARGOS for in our wardrobe too for stuff like shorts, skirts and maybe jeans so we can really use the wardrobe to hide our not so visually pleasing furniture.


The flat is currently a light beige colour which I’ll be honest is infuriating, why couldn’t it just be white? We got some white brick-look wallpaper from B&M after guessing the size of the wall, were hoping to have living room wall papered soon after we have permission to paint. Luckily there’s loads of light from the floor to ceiling windows so the colour isn’t as bad as I thought now we have gotten used to it.



£396 Application fees for our letting agent to start the moving process and to get the apartment taken off the market.

£30 referencing fee to allow our previous landlords to tell our new letting agency that we had in fact lived there and paid bills every month on time, like a proof of current address form.

£1100 deposit, quite expensive I know but the deposits for rented accommodations vary, it is usually either a full months rent or a month and a half rent. This is paid the day you move in, along with your first months rent.

£20 internet/broadband, absolutely necessary obviously.

£50 electricity and water, it is cheaper than we thought really, especially for a flat as spacious as ours we expected the heating bill to be higher but it is Summer I guess so. We also have no gas so that helps cut costs.

£90 Council tax, this is an estimate as because I live with my boyfriend and am a full time student I do not pay council tax but he also gets a reduction on his. We split paying this together as well.


The moving process has been stressful but being so young and being able to have such a lovely space for just us is amazing and were really proud. Hope this provides some insight into the costs and design ideas we made on the property. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I can’t wait to share more with you on our apartment journey!


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