Kylie Cosmetics – Is it worth the money?

Since Kylie Cosmetics came out back in 2016, it’s been one of the most hyped beauty brands of the decade. Joined by Fenty beauty, but thats a review for another time ;). Kylie’s makeup brand launched worldwide and has sold out many times over.

Over the past 2 years I’ve made two KC orders. Both I have been happy with until it came down to the damn customs charge, why god why? It was £18 for my first order and £27 for my second order in custom charges alone, I think it’s a bit ridiculous that we have to pay that in the UK if we want new makeup but whatever. Also if anyone has ordered things from Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty, do you know if you have to pay customs for those site’s, please let me know in the comments.


As a self confessed liquid lipstick lover, the lip kits are my favourite lip products that I own so far. Although they have been branded and referee to as drying I find them creamier and longer lasting that NYX brand lipsticks, another favourite of mine.

I’ve started to spend more time (and money) on skincare/makeup these past couple of months. Since the lipsticks are $29 each, its not going to be a very frequent buy personally. However the three that I have Dazzle, Maliboo and Exposed (left to right) are perfect for me. Although two look similar, Maliboo has a soft purple/mauve undertone and Exposed is more peachy. I got the bronze palette and Maliboo in September 2016 (ages ago I know) and it still looks unused. Then I recently got literally everything else in April 2018 as there was an offer on the monthly favourites that meant the bundle was $100 instead of $250, still expensive I’ll admit but totally worth it.

Blush is something I don’t usually wear but since I got this I’ve started using it (If I remember) to give myself a peachier, more youthful glow, weird but true. The single lipsticks and glosses that I got are also fabulous colours and of course I’ll always keep them in the packaging as it just looks a lot better. I’ll probably put them on display at some point if i want to be really sad. Like, HI COME LOOK AT MY KYLIE MAKEUP COLLECTION (which is basically what I’m doing on here right now, whoops!).


Looking at all the pictures together now of the pink lipsticks they really do look so similar ffs but I promise their colours on the outside are misleading to how they appear on the lips. Kylie Cosmetics however does show you each lip colour as a swatch on someones lips so I suggest looking at that for reference.


The bronze palette was the first eyeshadow that Kylie came out with if i remember correctly and I couldn’t get it first time because they sold out in like 7 seconds (I swear they only made about 12 of them or something). Although some of the shades ate pretty bland and somewhat pointless, I cant deny that their pigment is unreal and I was very impressed with it. I will admit that I don’t wear eyeshadow often, I usually just use my bronzer  which is a bit shite so I apologise but I WILL up my makeup game and one day perfect some slick eyeshadow looks. Wait and see.


As I’m sure you can tell I haven’t used this lipstick yet, after taking the picture I did and it was CREAMY, not in a weird way but it was smooth and it stayed on as well as I expected, if not better. The colour applied well and was exactly as it looked in the photo. Although this is the only Kylie Lipstick that isn’t a liquid that I own I do think that the Fenty Beauty one i have is better, however the Fenty one is a deep red so in terms of colour vibrance I can’t really stay much.


HOLD EVERYTHING! This is Kylie’s largest eyeshadow palette and I was pretty happy to get it as part of the April favourites bundle. The shimmers and matte colours are all amazing and I genuinely look forward to using this as part of my makeup routine. It’s inspired me to try and create bolder more colourful looks and I’m down with that.

I hope this post was of interest to some of you and I can’t wait to do some more posts on makeup and beauty as it’s taken my fancy recently and I’m hoping to invest in new products so any recommendations, please let me know in the comments or you can message me directly on any of my social media accounts which you can find the links to in my CONTACT page.


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