My Current Style Favourites

Spring/Summer fashion stands above the rest and really gives people a chance to show off their deepest style inspiration. Since I have just moved out of my student house and into an apartment closer to the city. I had to face the shocking realisation that I haven’t bought new clothes in months, My summer wardrobe is non-existent and I still have things I that I haven’t worn and completely forgot about.

Worst of all, I looked at my shoes and having thrown 7 pairs of disgusting heels that I have ruined from nights out I became aware of the fact I have no ‘nice’ heels. Terrible I know.

One of the trends I love seeing at the minute is jeans and stiletto heels. It is quite literally the perfect street style look that screams sophisticated and casual at the same time. At first I was convinced this look wasn’t for me as my legs are the part of my body I’m most confident with and although I’m comfortable walking in heels, wearing light denim jeans as the ‘statement piece’ for an outfit was a bit strange for me. Heels however make your legs look slimmer and that I can support!

Black boots are another key part of so many Spring looks giving my inspiration this season and paired with light weight shorts/pants and even skinny jeans are 3 combinations I’m loving. Sock boots and skorts are a look I’m dying to try but am just waiting for the right skort/skirt combination. Im looking for the perfect pair of cargo pants like the first picture an I guarantee when I find them I’ll be wearing them all day. On the hunt for the perfect skort so if anyone has any recommendations then please let me know in the comments.

My last Summer trend is wrap dresses, you can get them from everywhere at the minute from Topshop to Urban Outfitters, the possibilities are endless. There’s also thousands on ASOS and I’ve taken it upon myself to order a red polka dot one to wear with some wedges sandals I got from Lavish Luxe (check them out). With this heatwave we’ve been having a wrap dress is perfect for showing off your tanned legs and sinches you in at the waist creating my favourite SKINNY illusion.

If there are any trends you guys are loving this Summer, let me know!

– Melissa

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