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When someone say’s ‘social media influencer’ a lot of things come to mind, most of them aren’t pretty. There are common misconceptions in todays society that cause us to think of influencers as fake attention seekers. Is that what they’re all about?

Laurie Elle, a 20-year-old influencer and blogger from Manchester definitely doesn’t fit the ‘fake’ agenda. Laurie is here to stay and wants to prove to young girls all over the UK that you don’t have to be born rich to get what you want and to be where you want.

Starting her Instagram back in 2010, Laurie was soon contacted by Instagram who promoted her onto a suggested page throughout the app, from then on she was gaining hundreds of followers daily. Laurie decided to drop out of university in her second year earlier in 2018 to pursue her career as a content creator full time.

When asked about how dropping out of university has affected her account, Laurie mentioned that she still lives at home with her family “At the moment I’m happy living at home, I always think about moving to London but I do love Manchester.

Originally from a small town in Greater Manchester, this was home to Laurie and her family until Media City renovated and became their new home where Laurie now films all of her youtube videos, shoots her Instagram pictures and spends most of her time location shooting for upcoming events.

“My parents were a bit worried at first because I was dropping out of uni to pursue my career. Now that I’m getting so many opportunities it’s a good thing and they’re really supportive.” Something that was a bit alien to her family and those alike is now a well respected and very financially stable source of income for her at such a young age.

As a keen youngster with a passion for dancing, starting her career as an influencer from the age of twelve, 8 years in the making has given Laurie over two million combined social media followers. Laurie now uses her passion for dance and incorporates it with her love for high end skincare brands, travelling and seeing the world to show all of her forty-thee thousand Instagram followers what is really possible when you put your mind to it.

“I started to have a theme, where all my pictures were looking similar.” An Instagram theme is common for bloggers and influencers as a tool of branding. Setting out to be a dancer from a young age Laurie developed a passion for photography and editing as she became more and more popular on Instagram. Using apps such as she has gained an impressive 23.9 million likes on her videos alone.

“My theme just happened.” Is there really no secret to success, is a white room and a good camera all it takes to make your mark on social media?

“I love getting contacted by brands that I’ve always used. Getting to work with them is amazing” Laurie explained. Talking about her platform as a young woman with the ability to communicate and inspire millions across the world she is proud of her achievements and hopes to influence other girls to pursue their careers as Intagrammers and social media influencers who want to send their experiences, pictures and stories out into the world. Like ships onto the sea.

Stores such as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges in Manchester City centre are regular features on Laurie’s social media. As a makeup lover working with cosmetic power houses such as benefit and Invisalign, It is a really humbling experience for Laurie. “I always set myself goals of where I want to be at the end of the year, I wanted to hit a million followers on and I have nearly two million now so.”

“Vapianos is my favourite place to eat, I love Italian food.” As a self confessed Italian food lover, Laurie didn’t hold back telling us about her love for Manchester and how she enjoys days out in the city centre with her boyfriend Ben Black a fellow influencer who she met at a hosted party in London 2 years ago. Ben focuses his social media around sports, football tricks and trainers meaning he and Laurie sometimes are invited to attend the same blogger events. Even if they aren’t they are always there to support one another.

We asked Laurie if she had anything coming up that she was looking forward to, after hesitating for a few moments she told us she was going to LA for two months. “I’m excited to create some pieces out there.” Travelling for personal reasons, not to perform any specific work with brands like Garnier, Laurie is looking forward to still be creating flawless content over in the states.

Studio 25 is a prestigious dance and theatre company that Laurie trains and reverses with when she is getting ready to film some videos for her YouTube. “I pretty much do everything at home, filming, editing, thats why I love living round here (Media City) usually during the day I stop for  break and at night take dance classes.”

Soon Laurie will be going to London for a blogger meet up for phone brand Huawei. The couple are hoping to make some new content for their Instagrams and accounts which they try to upload one once a day.

When it comes to inspiration, Laurie looks at fashion, health and travel bloggers such as Lissy Roddy, Grace Fit UK and HayleighJM. Hitting her highest like count so far Laurie recently got over three thousand likes on one of her Instagram pictures of her showcasing a new outfit on Media City.

With Zoellas vlogs as keen inspiration, Laurie hinted thats would wouldn’t draw out the idea to start vlogging. All we can do is wait and see what the future has in store for this promising young fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from our very own Manchester. All of Laurie’s social media can be found online under her common username @LaurieElle.

I’ve had this in the works for a couple of months now but wanted to get it right.

Thanks again Laurie x

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