Getting ready to graduate

Being 21 and in my final year of university, I’m being forced to consider my options for after graduation and I will be honest. I am shitting myself.

University wasn’t meant to go this fast, it was meant to be my happy little middle that I could stay on, sunbathe, get to know myself and then one day, way in the future, decide what I wanted to do with the next 50 years of my life.

Well its nearly time and I am weighing up my options in the business world and the crushing reality that hey, I may not be a journalism after I graduate with my BA in Multimedia journalism. But thats okay, I guess…

After 3 years, I have done two internships, one at a PR company and one at a magazine. both, I enjoyed and both I can see myself doing. The real question is, can I get a job in them and will it last?

Bit of a stupid question as I’m never going to really know until I step away from my degree and start looking deeply into the industry that I am in so many ways invested in. What is there to offer for me out there, do I deserve it, will people like me. All of these questions consume me every day and a part of me always feel inadequate.

Graduating early next year will be the biggest thing thats ever happened to me as I say goodbye to my life of education and take the deep deep plunge.

I have looked at jobs available in my field and they all butter you up with job perks, ideal descriptions and the promise of better pay than everyone else. The reality is that those jobs wont be available in 6 months time so the entire thing was pointless. In an internet obsessed world I will have to get out a pen and paper (or maybe a google document) and write down or plan what it is I’m looking for and make the necessary steps to get there.

If anyone has any advice about what to expect please let me know as I am in this weird space where I am unsure about when I should start seriously considering applying for full time jobs and sadly leave my part time job behind.

Thanks for reading, Melissa

ps comment/message me if there are any posts you would like to see come from me.

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