Things I want to invest in

It’s time I grow up, its time that I start a savings account.

Since finishing my 3-week PR internship in January I have been trying to get a hang of this whole ‘saving’ shenanigans. I’m not sure how this exactly works or how you decide what you put aside but I’ve decided I’m going to put 10% of my monthly wages away for…I don’t really know what for, the future I guess?

Anyways, on the other side of this are things I need to think long and hard about to decide if they’re a necessity to my life or if I’m just being materialistic and thinking I’m a lot richer than I actually am.

Alongside my ‘future’ savings, I understand that you have to treat yourself once in a while so this is my list of things I hope to save for and TREAT MYSELF to over the next few years (once I’ve paid off my hefty overdraft).


I know you’ve all seen it and I know you’re aware how expensive it is. What kind of absolute weirdo would want to spend over £300 on a belt? ME THAT’S WHO.

I’m not a materialistic person or anything but I like belts, belts are cool, they don’t hold up my pants or anything but they look nice and I no longer have a belt with gold detailing. I used to have one from Primark to compensate but I snapped it…some how.

What’s so wrong about saving up for a statement accessory?


As much as I enjoy going into Primark a week before all of my holidays and buying 27 pairs of sunglasses for £2.50 (over exaggeration is a key to success, so is listening to Beemer, Benz or Bentley once a day). But I’m an adult now and I must invest in sunglasses that…I don’t know…actually protect my eyes from the sun, instead of just magnifying the rays into them.

I do think that although having a pair of expensive sunglasses might seem like a waste of money to some but the benefits of pending more to protect your eyes, I don’t think is a terrible thing.


Nothing is more important to a student than having a good sound system and I really think that’s a serious point. Having your friends over for drinks, wanting to listen to music in the shower, all that Jazz. You need a speaker, the only one I have is some tiny purple ‘jam classic’ that I found in the woods one time when me and some friends went camping two years ago, so yeah, I should probably buy a proper one.


Now this isn’t as stupid as it sounds but you’ll see what I mean, this year I upgraded my blog theme, bought a new phone and dedicated more time into my blogging alongside completing my university work to a much better standard than I sadly did last year. The biggest investment I’ll ever make in my life is in me and I’m ready to keep working on that. After Uni, after I have to leave my lovely job in retail to get a full time career and after I move out of my house with my friends into an apartment with my boyfriend. I must keep on investing in myself.

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