As part of my 3rd year coursework I had to create a 12 page magazine of my choice and design.

After our lessons at campus learning all about the design software we were using (InDesign) I started to feel more confident designing what I wanted the magazine to become. It didn’t end up looking as I had originally planned but in a good way.

During the creative process I realised I am a lot more colourful that I thought and that is how the magazine turned out.

I had interviews with my editor and head of content at A magazine who although were extremely busy getting the latest edition of the magazine ready for print gave me a few words that I could work with to really fill out my article. Christina really helped inspire my creativity as the face of the magazine, I really enjoyed speaking to her and getting to know more about her work. Lastly I was the most impressed with the amount of amazing work going on around Manchester City centre. From activities to events and new apartment buildings to renovations. Making the magazine was something I’m really proud of and am happy with my creation.

I started this module hoping to create and design a portfolio of strong work and a magazine and fill it with content that I myself would love to read, I believe I have done that. I took my passion of Manchester and knowledge as well as contacts and information gathered on my internships to help me create my magazine and show all of my combined skills in one.

For my news stories I knew straight away what I wanted to do, I was intrigued by the developments in the city centre and the events taking place and quickly had them all sorted. I kept the front cover empty because I took a lot of my inspiration from A-Magazine and wanted to keep a clean look for my audience so that they could carry the magazine round like a piece of art and show it off proudly with only a name to bare.

Christina is my cover as someone who I think represents manchester both as a person and as a creative in a thriving industry. Using the Alfphabet font I think was really unique and different and really made a connection with the theme of the magazine and the feel of Manchester as a city. The quirkiness of the Northern Quarter and the boldness of the deansgate high rises are represented in my font and this is what I wanted. I wanted the magazine to be bold but still feminine as my audience is mainly females between the ages of 20-28 in comparison to men ages 22-26. My news stories aren’t breaking new but small changes that to any Mancunian matter, new builds, openings of new bars and events for all that suit my audience. I chose the name Wunder because I decided that spelling a mysterious and magical word wrong whilst still being phonetically correct would be pleasing for all and actually helps reflect the wonder inside the magazine. I was consistent in my theme of font, bold and contrasting colours and my opaque boxes for supporting text. This was all part of my original design to show off the bold and stand-out side to Manchester.

I wanted my magazine to be coherent but memorable and showcase the best for the first issue of the magazine to help draw people in to want to read again. Throughout the whole process, it was definitely demanding but I learned a lot and am very proud in how I kept on top of my work and avoided all bad outcomes during the creating, saving and uploading process. I am impressed with the level of creativity I have shown myself that I can achieve and I think I have have realised im more colourful than I originally thought, meaning my work has definitely been a surprise, however in keeping with my original theme. Overall I consider this module a success for myself and am thrilled to have had the resources at hand to me throughout my internship at A-magazine allowing me to use contacts and information from press release to get the best quality images for my magazine.

Creative advice: don’t restrict yourself too much along any design process as like me, you may surprise yourself and make something much better than you first planned.

Lots of love – Melissa

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