How I motivate myself

As a human being, sometimes I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. As soon as your alarm goes off your bed becomes the comfiest place on earth, typical. Getting up for any reason other than work (because you just have to) can be a mission. Trying to juggle university, a job, a social life and have time to yourself is a joke sometimes.

I decided I really needed to motivate myself more to be more productive in my day, wake up a little bit earlier, maybe even shower more and definitely take my skincare routine seriously.

Not as part of m new years resolution but just as something I wanted to do for myself.

Moving into our apartment meant being closer to the city centre and closer to work was amazing. I recently changed jobs but it is still in retail in the city centre. This means I can wake up 10 minutes before I have to be in work, however thats not necessarily the best thing to be doing but I won’t lie and say I have never done it.

  1. I plan my outfits for the next day – I decide what i’m going to wear to prepare me for the day. Then instead of worrying about it all in the morning I just have to get dressed. I can’t even explain how much this helps. I find it quite easy to think/plan outfits as my wardrobe is (sadly) organised into outfits that can have a top/dress with a shirt and jacket over it. I have pants/skirts folded on the shelf above so its easy to see everything. Sometimes I do find t-shirts I had completely forgot about in the drawers under my bed but I like being on top of my wardrobe as although I will admit I don’t have the most perfect wardrobe in the world I am happy with the pieces I have and always find something I feel great in. I really find that feeling good in what you’re wearing makes you feel better/more motivated.
  2. Make a list the day before of stuff I want to do that day – I put the important things at the top, say if I need to call our letting agent about an issue or the electricity company to give them a meter reading etc. Then I put smaller things underneath like ‘go through t-shirt drawer’ as for me i consider that a nice task to do, something I don’t have to do but wouldn’t hurt you know. Then smaller things at the bottom like ‘order new book from wish list’ ‘check if I have any gaps in my vogue magazine collection’ ‘get milk’ you know what I mean.
  3. Always make food fun – sounds so weird but I really look forward for going out for meals more than anything, even waking up and knowing I can have a smoothie and a coffee for breakfast. I use food as a way to motivate me to get out of bed in the morning and it sounds crazy but it works for me so maybe.
  4. I don’t plan too far ahead – If something comes up that I need to add to my calendar I write it down and leave it until 2 weeks before and then I start to focus on it (unless its work that has a deadline) things like birthdays or holidays. It can get a bit daunting thinking about all the stuff you have coming up, focus on the most important ones first and work your way down.

These are just 4 of the routine tips I have started to implement into my every day to help motivate me into being a better me, cringe but we have to be real with ourselves don’t we boo 🙂



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