I had a Wardrobe Clear Out

So *sweating* I just cleared out my wardrobe. I have a double wardrobe, a chest of 4 drawers and 4 huge tubs under my bed. I now have the exact same but there is less in them. That was supposed to be funny although i doubt it was. Anyway, having a clear out is something I have needed to do for months and have been putting off because of a lack of motivation. Finally I have done it and I am proud.

I have gotten rid of 4 bin bags worth of clothes, some made their way onto my depop @melissagrlick and others were donated to a charity shop.

Having a clear out and being brutal with what I actually wanted to keep was difficult but I found that asking myself these 3 questions really helped me.

  • Do I LOVE the way this looks on?
  • Can I think of an outfit that I would wear with this?

And that was it, I was off, if the answer was no to any of these questions then they were gone. I am DONE with fast fashion and buying in quantity and not for quality. From now on I am happy to spend £30 on a t-shirt I love instead of buying 5 t-shirts that aren’t perfect. I got rid of clothes that I have had since school that just aren’t me anymore. Some have sentimental value, like my stone roses t-shirt I got at Heaton Park when I watched them in 2012. So it will stay in my drawer as a pyjama top until it rips or smells (which it does a bit but whatever).

About half way through the sorting I was overwhelmed with how much actual crap I had collected. There were clothes I had worn as recent as 2 months ago that I was now looking at and going ‘why the hell did I pay actual money for this and wear it out’. Because it just wasn’t me, I was following fast fashion trends that didn’t suit my figure or make me feel comfortable (I am talking about underboob tops/bodysuits and this neon green milkmaid top that I have worn on a night out). If you take anything from this blog take this. Don’t buy clothes that ARENT YOU. If they aren’t your style or they’re a bit out there or revealing then you’re not going to feel comfortable and you’re going to wear it once at the most.

I now have a functional wardrobe with clothes that I love and actually wear and I am excited every night thinking about what to wear tomorrow. Of course there are a few things missing from my wardrobe of dreams such as a beige blazer, Balenciagas and the perfect black shirt but they can stay in my notes pages until the time is right.

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